Will Weeds Grow Through Synthetic Grass?

Will Weeds Grow Through Synthetic Grass

A properly installed Synthetic Turf application eliminates nearly all the maintenance involved with a real sod lawn. No more mowing, edging, reseeding, pest control, and very minimal weeding...
But wait, that one contractor from ABC Company told you that weeds will not grow! They either lied, or they don't know what they're talking about. Read more to find out the truth about Weeds & Fake Grass. Weeds Need Water - With synthetic turf, there is no longer a need to water your lawn. 9 out of 10 times, Elite Artificial Grass installers will cap off the sprinklers, unless instructed otherwise by the homeowner or business owner. All plants, specifically weeds, need water to thrive and grow.

Superior Drainage - Most synthetic grass drains extremely well. There are certain situations where this isn't the case, but for the part, turf drains just as well, if not better, than real sod. A bad installation and/or cheaply made turf may lack proper drainage and create long term puddling, which then may cause weed or mold growth problems. With proper drainage, leveling and grading, weeds are not able to survive for any length of time.

Weeds Need Nutrition - Weeds can't penetrate the tightly woven backing of synthetic turf, the many inches of compacted bases under the turf, and the level of sand on top of the turf. Weeds receive their nutrition from the soil, and with no access to the soil, they have no access to the nutrients to survive.

Weeds vs Artificial Turf 4th Line of Defense - In nearly all of Elite Artificial Grass' installations, we install a layer of industrial weed barrier cloth. The high grade weed cloth, along with the few inches of compacted base, the sand infill on top of the turf, and the turf backing, when properly installed, will prevent weeds from pushing through to the soil.

The Truth - While it is true that synthetic turf prevents weed growth, it does not mean there will never be weeds growing in your lawn. With synthetic turf, you may have 1-3 weeds popping out a month, specifically where the turf ends and meets with concrete or some other bordering. This is definitely much better than the dozens of weeds you'd have to yank for a yard with no turf. When a weed does pop out, all you simply must do is either yank them out carefully, being sure to pull out the roots. You can also consider spraying some weed killer on it, like RoundUp. And to answer a very common question, No, weed killer will not ruin your beautiful synthetic grass.

Address any weeds early. There won't be many, if any at all, but ignore them for too long, and you can create a problem over time.

Turf Maintenance Services - So your synthetic lawn has been neglected for a year or two and you're looking for a company to clean the turf, pull some weeds, spread some more pet infill, and powerbroom the blades. If your career and/or family life leaves you zero time to tend to your turf, you've come to the right place. Check out our Turf Maintenance page for more information.

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