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Elite Artificial Grass has extensive experience in installing artificial grass lawns in the commercial market. We know how valuable it is to these entities (City, State, property management companies, privately owned buildings and /or Properties) to replace the vast stretches of grass lawns that surround and fill the landscapes that surround them. Sod grass simply is not an option anymore. The simplest solution is to replace these areas with artificial lawns. Elite Artificial Grass has done work for many cities, agencies, and businesses ranging from small to large.

Indoor Crossfit Training Facilities, Outdoor Dog Parks, Fields at Schools, Preschool Playgrounds, Residential Community Landscaping, Hotel Turf Installations, Apartment Buildings, Golf Training Facilities, Car Dealerships, Banks, Restaurants and so much more. With our Head Foreman installing artificial grass since 2005, you know that your commercial landscape makeover is in good hands.

Most installers carry one brand of turf, with a limited line products to choose from. We carry 10 different brands of turf, thus a wide variety of different choices. You can bet that we have an artificial grass that fits your lifestyle and outdoor living needs.
Every installer will tell you that they have the best service, but you will be blown away by what we have to offer. So book your free design consultation with us today and see the difference! We are not your everyday contracting company. We go out of our way to build a trusting relationship with each and every one of our customers, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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We have over 100 Customer Reviews and counting. If you're looking for a company with a solid reputation, with the best head foreman in Southern California, then you're in good hands with Elite!

Most installation companies offer 1 brand of turf, we offer 10 brands of turf, giving you, our valued customers, the most options around town. Whether you're looking for the best drainage, the softest turf, the toughest backing, the best pricing, we have the exact products to match your lifestlye and needs!

How many websites have you gone to and seen a gallery of 5-10-20 photos; well, not here! We have close to 300 photos of residential front yard, backyard, pet areas, putting greens, playgrounds, athletic fields, and commercial landscapes. We employ only the most experienced and qualified crews.

We offer turf cooling technologies that can lower surface temperatures of up to 60°! The other companies? Up to 10°. If hot turf is a concern, then you've come to the right place!

At your Free Consultation you will receive:
An estimate, a hand sketch, samples, & all of your questions about turf answered. But on request, you can also receive a computer generated sketch and visualization (digital render). What exactly is a visualization? Your specialist will take a photo of your current yard, and our graphic department will then place an artificial turf lawn or putting green to give you an idea of what your yard will look like post installation!
Once hired, your specialist doesn't disappear on you like with other contractors. He or she will be with you every single step of the way, ensuring that your installation goes picture perfect.

We are not the cheapest turf intaller in Southern California, and we're definitely not the most expensive either. When it comes to a synthetic lawn improvement project, you definitely get what you pay for. With Elite, you can rest easy knowing that you will get superior service & products. There are a lot of nightmare stories with landscapers running after a bad installation, don't fall victim because you want to save a few bucks; it'll end up costing you more in the end!

Most contractors simply do not work on the weekends, never answer their phones & emails, or get back to your right away. Elite responds 7 days a week! Sure, there are times when we absolutely can't answer that email, but rest assured, it will be addressed as soon as humanly possible!

Some of our Commercial Landscaping Projects

Before After Pet Turf

Preschool Playground Turf Preschool Playground Turf Preschool Playground Turf Preschool Playground Turf Preschool Playground Turf commercial landscaping commercial landscaping artificial grass commercial landscaping artificial grass commercial landscaping artificial grass commercial landscaping artificial grass commercial landscaping artificial grass Dog Park Artificial Grass Dog Park Artificial Grass Dog Park Artificial Grass Dog Park Artificial Grass

Before After Pet Turf

Before After Pet Turf

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