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Elite Artificial Grass has extensive experience in installing artificial grass lawns in the commercial market. We know how valuable it is to these entities (City, State, property management companies, privately owned buildings and /or Properties) to replace the vast stretches of grass lawns that surround and fill the landscapes that surround them. Sod grass simply is not an option anymore. The simplest solution is to replace these areas with artificial lawns. Elite Artificial Grass has done work for many cities, agencies, and businesses ranging from small to large.

Indoor Crossfit Training Facilities, Outdoor Dog Parks, Fields at Schools, Preschool Playgrounds, Residential Community Landscaping, Hotel Turf Installations, Apartment Buildings, Golf Training Facilities, Car Dealerships, Banks, Restaurants and so much more. With our Head Foreman installing artificial grass since 2005, you know that your commercial landscape makeover is in good hands with installers that have been in the industry since 2004.

Most installers carry one brand of turf, with a limited line products to choose from. We carry over 10 different brands of turf, thus a wide variety of different choices. You can bet that we have an artificial grass that fits your lifestyle and outdoor living needs.
Every installer will tell you that they have the best service, but you will be blown away by what we have to offer. So book your free design consultation with us today and see the difference! We are not your everyday contracting company. We go out of our way to build a trusting relationship with each and every one of our customers, and we'll be with you every step of the way.
How long will artificial grass last?
Good artificial grass that has been installed properly will generally last anywhere from 20-25 years depending on use and volume of foot traffic. All of our turf is UV stabilized so it won’t fade or lose its color. All of our turf has cooling technology and is also anti-flattening.

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