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Artificial Grass for DogsThe team at Elite Artificial Grass & Outdoor Living have been installing turf for pet owners for over 15 years - 7,500 installations and counting since 2005! Pet owners swear by the durability and feasibility of having a washable pet surface. No more muddy paws on your patio or into your house. No more bald spots or dead grass from urine. Imagine a pet turf surface that your dogs won't be able to dig up, won't fade in the sun, and requires little-to-no maintenance! Pet Turf is a great alternative to sod, bark or concrete for your pet. Your pet will love the turf and you for creating such a clean environment.

Competitor turf drains at a very respectable 50 gallons per hour per square yard. ELITE Pet Turf has a drainage capacity of up to a whopping 505 gallons per hour per square yard!!!
We carry an exclusive line of USA-made products with a super quick flow backing, so that urine and or water may filter down into the base that we install under the turf. It drains fast and clean. Feces clean up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just wipe or wash off any excess after pickup. No more wet smelly piles to clean up after irrigating your real grass. It’s always dry!

Advanced Antimicrobial Technology
Surafces of all kinds - including artificial grass - will inevitably become home to several kinds of bacteria. Over time, this creates a potentially unhealthy space both visibly and invisibly. The result is degradation and discoloration of the fibers, a build up of bacteria from pet waste, causing upleasant odors, as well as, deterioration of the turf itself. Our exclusive line of USA-made products effectively inhibits the growh of mold, mildew, algae and other bacteria!

How do our dog runs hold up to a digging dog? Dogs rarely dig into synthetic turf and it's almost impossible for them, even the largest of dogs, to dig through the turf.

1. Turf Cooling Technology.
2. Our dog runs are super tough and impossible for dogs to dig through.
3. Superior installation practices for maximum odor control.
4. No more toxic weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizers.
5. No more pests like Fleas & Ticks.
6. No more Muddy paws & fur.
7. Zero Lead, Zero Heavy Metals, Zero Rubber.
8. 100% safe for pets & kids.
9. No more yellow spots or dead grass.
10. No more lawn maintenance!
11. Outstanding manufacturer warranties.
12. Clean-ups are a cinch!


faux grass Most installers carry one brand of turf, with one type of pet turf. We carry 10 different brands of turf, thus a wide variety of different pet turfs. You can bet that we have an artificial grass that fits you, your family, and your pet's lifestyle! More choices with Elite!

faux grass Every installer will tell you that they have the best service, but you will be blown away by what we have to offer. So book your free design consultation with us today and see the difference! We are not your everyday contracting company. We go out of our way to build a trusting relationship with each and every one of our customers, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

How do I clean artificial grass?
The best way to clean and maintain artificial grass when needed are:
1.Brush the turf against the fibers with a broom or plastic rake to lift blades that may be leaning due to foot or paw traffic.
2.Use a leafblower to get rid of leaves and debris.
3.Rinse off the turf if it’s dirty or dusty.
4.Pull out or spray any weeds as needed.
Weeds have an extremely hard time growing in a properly installed artificial grass lawn. You may get a couple a month along the edges, so the key here is to take care of it before it gets out of control. You can read more about it in our articles section, Will Weeds Grow Through Synthetic Grass?

Can dogs poop on artificial grass?
Dogs can urinate and poop on artificial grass and it will not damage or discolor the turf. Just like with any other type of surface, some maintenance is still required to keep the area clean and combat urine smell. Regularly removing feces and rinsing the lawn to ensure any urine on the blades of turf gets flushed down into the base is important. Also cleaning the area with a live enzyme cleaner to kill off bad, odor-causing bacteria once in a while. Elite Artificial Grass sells a couple of different types of turf cleaners available to their clients that are both pet and kid friendly and safe.

Get your Free Design Consultation with Elite today and be on your way to savings thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering. Design Consultation and Quote

We've tested our Pet Turf for Drainage

We have over 60 Customer Reviews and counting. If you're looking for a company with a solid reputation, with the best head foreman in Southern California, then you're in good hands with Elite!

Most installation companies offer 1 brand of turf, we offer 7 brands of turf, giving you, our valued customers, the most options around town. Whether you're looking for the best drainage, the softest turf, the toughest backing, the best pricing, we have the exact products to match your lifestlye and needs!

How many websites have you gone to and seen a gallery of 5-10-20 photos; well, not here! We have over 300 photos of residential front yard, backyard, pet areas, putting greens, playgrounds, athletic fields, and commercial landscapes. We employ only the most experienced and qualified crews and our huge portfolio is proof.

We offer turf cooling technologies that can lower surface temperatures of up to 60°! The other companies? Up to 10°. If hot turf is a concern, then you've come to the right place!

Stackable promotions: the cost of turf installation is expensive for both the installation company and the customer. On average, in 2-4 years you can expect to meet your return of investment, after that, you're potentially saving thousands a year. With Elite Artificial Grass, you can expect it in a shorter timeframe with the great promotions we run. Check out our amazing sales we have going on for Artificial Grass and a chance to WIN $1,000.00

At your Free Consultation you will receive:
An estimate, a hand sketch, samples, & all of your questions about turf answered. But on request, you can also receive a computer generated sketch and visualization (digital render). What exactly is a visualization? Your specialist will take a photo of your current yard, and our graphic department will then place an artificial turf lawn or putting green to give you an idea of what your yard will look like post installation!
Once hired, your specialist doesn't disappear on you like with other contractors. He or she will be with you every single step of the way, ensuring that your installation goes picture perfect.

We are not the cheapest turf intaller in Southern California, and we're definitely not the most expensive either. When it comes to a synthetic lawn home improvement project, you definitely get what you pay for. With Elite, you can rest easy knowing that you will get superior service & products. There are a lot of nightmare stories with landscapers running after a bad installation, don't fall victim because you want to save a few bucks; it'll end up costing you more in the end!

The installation companies that offer financing, usually just offer one PACE program. Yes, we offer HERO, but we also offer loans where your home is not used as collateral, so there's no lien on your property. We offer same-as-cash, 0% APR loans, as well as, low, fixed interest loans!

Most contractors simply do not work on the weekends, never answer their phones & emails, or get back to your right away. Elite responds 7 days a week! Sure, there are times when we absolutely can't answer that email, but rest assured, it will be addressed as soon as humanly possible!

Ownership has always believed that they should share their luck & success. Some organizations that Elite has donated to include:
   Las Vegas Victims' Fund
   St Jude Children's Hopsital
   Los Angeles Mission
   Cancer Research Institute
   Prevent Child Abuse America
   Big Brothers Big Sisters
   Alzheimer's Foundation of America
   Homes for our Troops

Artificial Grass for Dogs
Some of our Pet & Play Projects

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Artificial Grass for Play

Elite Artificial Grass has been installing residential play areas, playgrounds in schools, daycare centers, preschools, & municipal parks for over 12 years. No mess and splinters like wood chip flooring. No health risks like rubber mat flooring. Artificial Playground Turf is a clean, durable, low maintenance, low cost over time solution for Play Areas.

Some of the benefits of artificial playground grass turf include:
1. Super tough, non-abrasive, and lush.
2. No more toxic weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizers.
3. No more grass allergies.
4. No more grass stains.
5. No more mud and dirt being tracked indoors.
6. Zero Lead, Zero Heavy Metals, Zero Rubber.
7. 100% safe for children.
8. No more lawn maintenance!
9. 15-year to Lifetime manufacturer warranties!

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