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Custom Putting GreenLet Elite Artificial Grass install your backyard putting green. Our foremen have over 25 years of experience in this field. We have designed and built thousands of residential & commercial putting greens in the past 15 years. Elite has extensive knowledge in how a putting green is built, and we use only the finest materials available. Elite's artificial grass putting greens are safe, easy to care for and beautiful to behold!


faux grass Most installers carry one brand of turf, with a limited line of golf turf. We carry 10 different brands of turf, thus a wide variety of different putting and chipping green turfs. You can bet that we have an artificial grass that fits your lifestyle and your game improvement needs.

faux grass We don't just sell you a putting surface like everybody else; we sell you a true roll putting green that fits your game improvement needs. Do you have the space to do chip shots, flop shots, wedges, or long irons? We have a multitude of different types of golf systems that will allow the ball to check, not just skip right off like it would on a generic putting surface.

faux grass Every installer will tell you that they have the best service, but you will be blown away by what we have to offer. So book your free design consultation with us today and see the difference! We are not your everyday contracting company. We go out of our way to build a trusting relationship with each and every one of our customers, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

faux grass Many contractors out there will install plastic pins/cups which will start to break down after a few years. At Elite, we use Aluminum golf cups & High Quality Products, guaranteed to last. Other fun accessories include: cup covers, flag lights, and a nice selection of flag colors to choose from.

faux grass Last but not least, your golf specialist also comes back after your installation is all done and tests your putting green speed and distances per your request. Your Elite specialist then provides you with a report after they've run the numbers.

Custom Putting GreenElite offers many different types of Putting Green surfaces for your backyard or place of business. We take great pride in our installations; they look and react just like a real grass putting green but without the tedious daily maintenance. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging play and practice, providing positive and negative feedback that will truly improve your game. Just ask the top-ranked Claremont McKenna College Golf Team! We constructed their Golf practice training facility with two large putting greens with breaks and undulations, sand bunker, chipping area, and 6 driving nets.

Practice your short game in your own Backyard
Imagine being able to practice your golf game in your own backyard, and not just putting!What about chipping & flop shots? We will put a turf fringe at the perimeter of your putting green for a gorgeous finished look. We will advise you on breaks, undulation, and grading so you get the fun putting green you have always wanted. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging play and practice, providing positive and negative feedback that will truly improve your game.

What about the other clubs in your bag? The driver, woods, hybrids, long and short irons, wedges? Well, we here at Elite have partnered up with some of best net manufacturers and we can build you, a hitting area! That's right Mr. (or Ms.) golf fanatic, no more trips to the driving range. Your investment is paid off in no time because you won't have to buy buckets of balls every week to fine tune your game. And let's not forget to mention the gas, and getting dressed to go out! You can hit a bucket of golf balls in your pajamas! That's a Hole-in-One in our book!
Ask us about building a Custom Sand Bunker & Tee Box to go alongside your new putting green, we'd love to work with you on a design that fits your outdoor living space.

Backyard Putting GreenHow Fast should my Pratice Green be? Most of the public courses you will play are 9.0 or less, a 13.0 or above is almost unplayable. We here at Elite have a multitude of terrific surfaces! Our two top seller surfaces can be set anywhere from 9.0-11.0. We can make adjustments to your liking during the installation!
If you'd like to learn more about improving your golf handicap from home, check out our articleImprove Your Golf Game.

Shave Strokes off your Scorecards with Elite
While our installation process is typically more thorough and time consuming than other companies, we make sure that your custom built putting green simulate the look, feel and appearance of natural grass greens along with the durability and low-maintenance associated with a synthetic turf green.

faux grass Always Green, Always Manicured, Always Perfect!

faux grass No Watering, No Reseeding, No Mowing, No Pesticides!

faux grass No More Weeds, No More Mud/Dirt Lawns

faux grass Endless Hours of Relaxation & Fun. Great for Improving Your Golf Handicap, Great when Hosting Parties & BBQs!

faux grass Increases Property Value & Curb Appeal!

How Elite Installs your Custom Putting Green

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How much does it cost to put a putting green in your backyard?
An artificial grass backyard golf putting green installed by Elite generally costs between $10.00 and $20.00 per square foot including materials, design and labor. The price will vary depending on size, needs of the golfer, and site specific factors like grading and features.

What is the best artificial grass for putting green?
Since we carry 10 different brands of turf, we can offer a wide variety of golf putting green surfaces. We can install a putting green for a casual, weekend golfer, to a serious golfer looking to improve their shortgame, to a scratch golfer looking to shave a few strokes off their scorecards. We offer surfaces with a true roll and feel for putting and chipping, and surfaces ideal for approach shots: flops, bump & runs, pitching.

After we install your custom, true roll putting green, we come back out for a post visit to give you a green speed. This installation was gauged at 9.7 and will be at around 11.5 on the stimpmeter once the golf infill compacts and the putting surface fibers open up.

Post installation test by Elite Artificial Grass LLC of Southern California. Before we install your custom, true roll putting green, we decide how challenging you want your putting green to be.Where do you want your breaks & undulations? Where do you want your cups to be? What speed do you want your green to be? What type of approach shots will you be practicing on your putting green?This customer is considered a social, weekend golfer that preferred a slower green, so we have his at 9.5 on the stimpmeter. He also wanted it to have a lot of breaks, so you can see in our demonstration, that we created a shelf and a few undulations.

We have over 100 Customer Reviews and counting. If you're looking for a company with a solid reputation, with the best head foreman in Southern California, then you're in good hands with Elite!

Most installation companies offer 1 brand of turf, we offer 10 brands of turf, giving you, our valued customers, the most options around town. Whether you're looking for the best drainage, the softest turf, the toughest backing, the best pricing, we have the exact products to match your lifestlye and needs!

How many websites have you gone to and seen a gallery of 5-10-20 photos; well, not here! We have over 300 photos of residential front yard, backyard, pet areas, putting greens, playgrounds, athletic fields, and commercial landscapes. We employ only the most experienced and qualified crews and our huge portfolio is proof.

We offer turf cooling technologies that can lower surface temperatures of up to 60°! The other companies? Up to 10°. If hot turf is a concern, then you've come to the right place!

Stackable promotions: the cost of turf installation is expensive for both the installation company and the customer. On average, in 2-4 years you can expect to meet your return of investment, after that, you're potentially saving thousands a year. With Elite Artificial Grass, you can expect it in a shorter timeframe with the great promotions we run. Check out our amazing sales we have going on for Artificial Grass and a chance to WIN $1,000.00

At your Free Consultation you will receive:
An estimate, a hand sketch, samples, & all of your questions about turf answered. But on request, you can also receive a computer generated sketch and visualization (digital render). What exactly is a visualization? Your specialist will take a photo of your current yard, and our graphic department will then place an artificial turf lawn or putting green to give you an idea of what your yard will look like post installation!
Once hired, your specialist doesn't disappear on you like with other contractors. He or she will be with you every single step of the way, ensuring that your installation goes picture perfect.

We are not the cheapest turf intaller in Southern California, and we're definitely not the most expensive either. When it comes to a synthetic lawn home improvement project, you definitely get what you pay for. With Elite, you can rest easy knowing that you will get superior service & products. There are a lot of nightmare stories with landscapers running after a bad installation, don't fall victim because you want to save a few bucks; it'll end up costing you more in the end!

The installation companies that offer financing, usually just offer one PACE program. Yes, we offer HERO, but we also offer loans where your home is not used as collateral, so there's no lien on your property. We offer same-as-cash, 0% APR loans, as well as, low, fixed interest loans!

Most contractors simply do not work on the weekends, never answer their phones & emails, or get back to your right away. Elite responds 7 days a week! Sure, there are times when we absolutely can't answer that email, but rest assured, it will be addressed as soon as humanly possible!

Ownership has always believed that they should share their luck & success. Some organizations that Elite has donated to include:
   Las Vegas Victims' Fund
   St Jude Children's Hopsital
   Los Angeles Mission
   Cancer Research Institute
   Prevent Child Abuse America
   Big Brothers Big Sisters
   Alzheimer's Foundation of America
   Homes for our Troops

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