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What do I need to get a Turf Repair Quote

1. The measurements, square footage, of the area to be worked on. This can be easily found on the estimate sheet from the contractor that installed your Artificial Turf Lawn. If you've misplaced your estimate sheet and your contract, you can measure the Length and Width of the area and multiply those two numbers to get your square footage.

2. You will need to provide your contact information: First & Last Name, Street Address, Email Address, & Phone Number

3. You will need to let us know which of the above services that you need. That's it! And we will be able to provide you a Quote via email and get you scheduled with an Elite Service Professional! If it's a repair job, then photos are a great help.

Elite Artificial Grass Turf Maintenance Services Include:

Elite’s turf cleaning services starts with blooming the turf blades. This is power brooming the area so matted blades are rejuvenated and standing upright.

Add infill to meet appropriate levels that possibly migrated from heavy rain or foot traffic.

If seams or edges need repairs, Elite will lift, level and reattach. Generally a case by case, Elite will gather all information required to provide an accurate and affordable estimate to perform the required repairs

Sometimes it is homeowner neglect, other times, it's a poor installation by an inexperienced landscaper. Elite will manually remove those stubborn weeds and make your turf look like it should.

Generally a case by case, Elite will gather all information required to provide an accurate and affordable estimate to perform the required repairs.

Application of Elite’s green product to clean and deodorize your artificial grass lawn. Elite uses a special microbial formulation that produces an enzymatic formula which breaks down oder-causing bacteria, absorbs in the area, then eliminates the odor and returns the grass to its original germ-free make-up. No harmful or toxic ingredients are used; created with our earth, pets and children’s future in mind!

Ready to get that old putting green back to true roll status? Has your old artificial grass lawn been overtaken by crab grass weeds? Have sinkholes and need repairs to the base underneath the turf? Do you have old turf that is flat and beat up? Looking to upgrade to the latest turf that boasts turf cooling technology and anti-matting (anti-flattening)? Elite Artificial Grass will remove your old turf, repair the base, and put in brand new turf and infill starting, as low as, $4.19/sf.
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Turf Maintenance Package

Artificial Grass Replacement Maintenance of artificial grass is greatly reduced from that of natural sod grass. However, regular grooming, sweeping and co-compaction of infill keeps your lawn clean of debris and redistributes any infill that possibly migrated from heavy rain or foot traffic. In addition, grooming also helps keep the fibers upright, maintaining a plush look and extending the life of your artificial turf.

faux grass  Monthly power brooming

faux grass  Monthly water spray down

faux grass  Deep turf cleaning 3 times/year - kills bacteria and eliminates odor

faux grass  Removing Weeds from Artificial Turf (perimeters)

faux grass  Monthly spot add infill where needed

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Turf Repair Maintenance

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