Artificial Grass Eliminates Pests

Artificial Grass eliminates Pests Your family and Pets are always getting bitten or stung by pesky pests. Your lawn looks patchy because rabbits are chomping on it daily. Your lawn looks like a mine field because of an unwanted gopher.

A common question from many of our valued customers is, Will artificial grass dramatically reduce yard pests? Answer: YES, properly installed synthetic turf will get rid of mowing, reseeding, weeding PLUS get rid of insects, burrowing animals, rodents, and other pests.

Artificial Grass vs. Insects

With a proper installation, turf eliminates standing water due to excellent drainage. No more puddles or collection spots for stagnant water, thus prevents mosquitos from breeding in your lawn.

Turf also reduces the feeding resources for insects, spiders, birds and other pests. With turf there is limited access to dirt/soil, zero bacteria growth, and no plants or flowers. These pests that live, eat, nest and reproduce in your lawn, can no longer thrive and will become a thing of the past once an artificial grass installation takes place.

Artificial Grass vs. Gophers

Turf is a humane way of getting rid of bothersome wildlife. You will never need to set a trap or kill an animal to keep them out of your yard. They will voluntarily leave you alone! Rabbits, gophers, moles find it impossible to dig through the infill, base and backing of turf. Snakes, mice, rats, and raccoons will soon discover that turf can’t be eaten, and with no access to soil, will migrate elsewhere to find the food and shelter they need to survive.

If you have a huge gopher problem, it would be best to get a turf specialist to inspect the job site before an installation occurs. You may need to hire a trapper, and/or have gopher wire placed under the turf as a 3rd line of defense.

Besides elminating pests, there are a multitude of benefits of Turf over Sod. Be sure to check out our Pros & Cons of Turf page for more information.

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