How to measure Square Footage of a Yard

Items Needed:
A. Tape Measure
B. Pencil
C. Paper
D. Marking Device - flag, rock or anything solid

Measuring Square Footage for Synthetic Grass -
Square footage is determined by multiplying the longest Width by the longest Length of an area to be covered by Artificial Turf. Keep in mind that almost all turf rolls are 15' wide and we do not cut the width of our rolls, only the length. For example, if your yard is 10 feet by 15 feet, you would multiply 10 by 15 to get 150 square feet.

If you have an area that is 14' x 27', you will need to calculate how the turf will be laid out. The actual area for 14' x 27' is 378 square feet.

To cover the area with the least amount of seams, you will need to order 15' x 27' or 405 square feet to have a professional do it. If it's a D.I.Y. "Do It Yourself" Project, then you should order extra in case you make mistakes. In most cases, even professionals will order extra just in case the measurements were wrong, an accident happens, or a mistake occurs.

For odd-shaped, circular, wavy areas, please do note that some will have more remnants than others. You always want to order more than less because you want to minimize the amount of seams. There more there are, the more chances of you being able to see them post installation. Some inexperienced installers will puzzle piece the turf together, and it will look absolutely ridiculous.

How to measure Square Footage of a Yard

Other tips:

A) Always round up, not down when calculating turf. It's always, always better to have more than less.

B) The less seams there are, the cleaner your installation will look.

C) Remants, also referred to as waste or extra, is normally diposed of by our installation crews. You should always request to keep a few pieces in case you need it for future patch work.

D) Similar to carpet, artificial grass rolls have a dye lot. So even the same exact turf, but from a different roll (with a different dye lot) will not be an exact color match.

Artificial Turf Seams

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