Have a Perfect Lawn with NO Effort!

save money with synthetic grass

Yes, you've read that correctly. Have a perfect lawn with NO Effort! Many Americans want that lush, green sod lawn, but most of the common grasses are native to Europe and aren't meant to flourish on American soil. Even with all the seeding, weeding, growing, mowing, watering, and pesticide spraying, many Californians are still left with patchy front yard & backyard lawns.

Did you know that landscaping accounts for almost 70% of the water Californians use at their homes? In fact, a small lawn of only 1,000 square feet uses an average of 55,000 gallons of water each year. I can go on and on about the cons of a sod lawn, but you can read all about that on another article we posted, Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass. In that article, you can read all about toxic pesticides, lawn mower pollution, & grass clippings creating methane gas.

Our Motto, "Save Water, Save Time, Save Money, Always Manicured & Always Green" speaks for itself. Artificial Grass Installations can last up to 25 years with a Return on Investment at approximately 2-3 years. After those 2 years, you're saving a couple thousand dollars every year on Water & Maintenance. And let's not forget to mention, doing your part to conserve California's most precious resource by not wasting it on water hogging sod lawns and plants.

No brown patches, No Mowing & Edging, No Watering, No Pests, No Reseeding & Minimal Weeding - sounds great, doesn't it? Simply, more free time enjoying Life & enjoying your beautiful landscape. You can stop wasting precious hours on your weekends, and spend it with your loved ones. Whether that be your wife, your kids, your buddies, or your beer & TV remote.

And what about all that money you're saving on water & maintenance; what can you do with an extra couple thousands a year? Perhaps take a family vacation, buy that dream car on your bucket list, or put money aside to for your kid's college fund. What did I do? I convinced the wife to use the money saved to buy a 75" flat screen. Game Day Sundays - can I get an amen!?

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