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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9 Turf Artificial Grass for Dogs
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Artificial Grass that is designed specifically for dogs is commonly referred to as K9 Turf. What seperates pet turf from other forms of artificial grass are it's superb flow-through backing, antimicrobial protection and short, dense blades of grass.

When you compare pet turf to real grass, it is cleaner, safer, more durable and a better smelling environment for, not just dogs, but all pets.

Here are some of the Benefits of Pet Turf

1. Our dog runs are super tough and impossible for dogs to dig through.
2. Excellent odor control.
3. No more toxic weed killers, insecticides, or fertilizers.
4. No more pests like Fleas & Ticks.
5. No more muddy paws & fur.
6. Zero Lead, Zero Heavy Metals, Zero Rubber.
7. 100% safe for pets.
8. No more yellow spots or dead grass.
9. No more lawn maintenance!
10. 15-18 year manufacturer warranty.
11. Easy to clean.
12. Permeable, so urine drains through & feces are a cinch to remove

Would like to learn more about what Artificial Grass for Dogs has to offer? Be sure to check out our Pet Turf page for more information and pictures.

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