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How to Install a Putting Green

Artificial Putting Green
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When it comes to putting green installations, Elite Artificial Grass is the right choice here in Southern California. Our knowledgeable specialists come out to measure the area, listen to your ideas and vision, & help you create an area that is a thing of beauty, and will improve your scorecard.

Our head foreman has been building putting greens since 2005, so you know that you're getting a quality installation by one of the best crews here in Southern California.

The Putting Green Process

1. A specialist comes out to the job site to measure the area, answer all of your questions, show you different putting green surfaces, find out what you'd like your green to do (chipping, breaks, number of holes, etc), and provides you a sketch & quote.

2. On the day of installation: removal of existing landscape and prepping the area with the appropriate underlayment base. The cups are set and breaks/undulations are created on the surface of the putting green.

3. In most cases, day 2 is when the laying of the putting green and fringe are installed. It is fastened down, the blades are power broomed, and our special golf infill is applied.

Backyard Golf Green The finished result is a maintenance-free putting green that will roll between a 10-12 on a stimpmeter once the green starts to compact and the fibers open up. When the green is first installed, stimp speed will sit around 8-9 and increase over time to an ideal 10-12.

If the customer is interested and has the space for chip, punch, flop and/or pitch shots, we provide an option to include 1/4 under pad that gives the green a softer landing, just like real grass.

So what's the price range of our putting greens? They start as low as $10.65/sf for your standard, casual golfer Putting Green. For the golfer that is serious about improving their handicap, you're looking at roughly $12.50/sf for all the bells & whistles. Price can decrease or increase depending on the complexity of the job and the type of turf you select.

The end result? You'll have a gorgeous, yet functional, putting green that all your golfing buddies will be envious of. On the golf course, you'll see your scores improve, as you perfect your stroke right in the comfort of your own backyard. Putting Greens are also a huge hit when it comes to hosting parties with friends and family - Putt for Shots Anyone?!

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