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Artificial Grass Sales Team

Mr. Benjamin Mercado Mr. Benjamin Mercado
Head Foreman

With 18 years of Experience, Benjamin is hands-down, the best installer of Synthetic Lawns in Southern California. He oversees two Elite installation crews and is here to ensure that the job is done right the first time. His personal goal: to Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal & Property Value. Benji and his crew are licensed, bonded & insured as employees of Elite and are here to serve YOU.

Mr. Marcial Bautista Mr. Marcial Bautista
Head Foreman

We love Marcial! He works very hard and is very passionate about his work. We carefully selected him from a handful of qualified foremen, and he outshined them all. As a seasoned verteran of 10 years in the turf industry, Marcial believes that no job is too difficult. No matter how many obstacles may be present, he will find a way to get it done. Marcial and his crew are licensed, bonded & insured as employees of Elite and are here to serve YOU.

Mr. Daniel Ruvalcaba Mr. Daniel Ruvalcaba
Head Foreman

When you look up perfectionist in wikipedia, you'll see Daniel's photo. When it comes to carving out the perfect hardscape project, Daniel is the man. Driveways, patios, pavers, firepits, retaining walls, he has over 10 years of experience & knowledge to get it done quickly and efficiently. Daniel and his crew are licensed, bonded & insured as employees of Elite and are here to serve YOU.

Mr. Sean Shibata Mr. Sean Shibata
CEO / Marketing Director

Sean had been a web & marketing consultant for large corporate firms for almost 15 years before he jumped into the Artificial Turf Installation industry. As a homeowner, Sean had fallen victim to many contractors over the years that, quite simply, did not deliver as promised and/or under-performed. Sean decided to take his personal experiences, and change the client's experience with contractors.
Sean can be reached via email,

Mr. Eldridge Macalalad Mr. Eldridge Macalalad
Sales Manager

Interested in a Putting Green, then Eldridge is your guy. Golf has been in his blood for most of his life and he played varsity for Nogales High School. With a handicap of 7, he can definitely give you ideas on how to construct that perfect chipping and putting green to improve your scores from home.
Shoot him an email at

Ms. Olivia Chau Ms. Olivia Chau
Administrative Assistant

Handling many of the day-to-day tasks at headquarters, Olivia makes sure that Elite is operating at full efficiency. Interested in a booking a free design consultation with one of Elite's Turf Specialists? Give Olivia a call at the offices, 714-332-0271. She'd love to help you out.
Olivia can be reached via email,

Mr. Phillip Richardson Mr. Phillip Richardson
Turf Specialist

Phillip is one of those breeds that genuinely cares about those around him. From his daughter and wife, to friends and family, to his clients. He goes out of his way to make sure his clients receive the best VIP service possible.
Shoot him an email at

Mr. Owen Garrity Mr. Owen Garrity
Turf Specialist

Owen has been in the turf industry for over 7 years and absolutely loves what he does! Extremely passionate and knowledgable, you're in good hands when it comes to finding artificial grass products that fit your needs and lifestyle.
Shoot him an email at

Mr. David Ho Mr. David Ho
Turf Specialist

As a California Native, David understands the true value of synthetic turf in our often drought stricken state. He is absolutely passionate about turf and is here to provide his clients with the best options that fit their lifestyle needs.
Shoot him an email at

Mr. Gene Young Mr. Gene Young
Turf Specialist

When it comes to fine details and exact measurements, Gene is, hands down, the man for the job. When it comes to home improvements, he has been-there-done-that, and we are truly blessed to have him a part of our team.

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